Dec 03, 2014

Everybody knows how crucial the automotive category is to the daily lives of radio managers and salespeople. November was good news for those pounding the streets and knocking on doors.

Black Friday promotions are said to be the reason many consumers shopped for new automobiles this past weekend which helped make November a great month for radio's number one ad-spending category. Subaru and Chrysler saw increases of 20 percent as consumers gobbled up small SUVs. Subaru had it's best November ever and it was Chrysler's best November in more than a decade. GM, Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen also reported gains.

Autodata reports that new vehicle sales were up 5 percent to 1.3 million and sales are on track to end the year at around 16.5 million, according to Jesse Toprak from That would be an annual increase of 6 percent from 2013. Falling gas prices and low-interest rates also helped move vehicles. READ MORE

CBS Execs Hated 'Charlie Brown Christmas,' Predicted It Would Flop: Producer
Dec 01, 2014

At the onset of the 2011 holiday season, one of the producers of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” -- Lee Mendelson, now 81 -- told me in an interview how CBS’s negative reaction to this beloved show almost sank his and Charles Schulz’ hopes for more “Charlie Brown” specials. Then the ratings came in and the rest was TV history. This story, like the show itself, is a perennial classic. Here’s the story again, as another holiday season gets underway.

It went on to become the most popular and beloved of all of TV’s Christmas specials, but when CBS executives first laid eyes on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in 1965, they didn’t care for it. READ MORE

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  • Book & maintain orders
  • Field various requests from both agencies and AE's
  • Coordinate advertiser allocations
  • Stewarding deals: tracking delivery and creating ADU packages as needed
  • Assisting traffic as needed
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